AMP Carousel

Different Types Of

The amp-carousel component allows displaying multiple similar pieces of content along a horizontal axis.

Basic Usage

Use type="carousel" to display a list of images as a continuous strip.

Slider Usage

Use type="slides" to display a list of images as slides.

Slider Usage with Autoplay

The autoplay attribute (type=slides only) advances the slide to the next slide without user interaction, by default it will advance a slide in 5000 millisecond intervals (5 seconds) and can be overridden by the delay attribute.


Authoritatively mesh market-driven ideas

Quickly mesh proactive expertise for worldwide results. Uniquely target cross functional materials for principle-centered.


Objectively formulate prospective imperatives

Interactively deliver professional action items for business vortals. Completely supply B2C growth strategies through.

Supports Contents

Each of these nodes may also have arbitrary HTML children.

Authoritatively mesh market-driven ideas


Globally build 24/365 e-business with interoperable materials. Rapidiously monetize end-to-end systems vis-a-vis backward-compatible users. Credibly syndicate.

Objectively formulate prospective imperatives


Distinctively productize seamless processes vis-a-vis alternative e-tailers. Progressively whiteboard B2B mindshare for business ROI. Uniquely pontificate.

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